Why Did We Start A Blog?

Hi! Erika here.

Just got home from a hectic work day. Now, I find myself staring at my monitor pondering what the first blog should be about. Writers block can be a real pain in the you know what… *Blankly stares at screen for 15 more minutes*

So, the question lingers, “Why did we (Jeremy & I) start a blog?”. Well, there is a combination of answers:

  • I want to expand my scope of knowledge in digital marketing since my expertise is Paid Search with a hint of Social (hope I’m not boring you yet). Fortunately, I have landed 1-on-1 meetings with successful and highly-recognized marketing experts, in the heart of Silicon Valley, who have shared their story of the hustle and bustle. One advice I recall was creating a personal page/online portfolio. So, I took this awesome idea into consideration and now, here I am. I will warn you, I may geek out here and there about digital marketing, but will mainly use this blog to build my skills behind the scenes.
  • For the past few years, I have been pushing Jeremy to launch his YouTube channel (still annoying him about it) because he has an immense passion for food and wine. Seriously though, he has been cooking up a storm since he was 4 and recently acquired his Level 2 Sommelier certification (I’m lucky, I know). On top of that, he has been working in the hospitality, wine and fine dining industry for the past several years. I won’t go into too much detail as I’m sure he’d like to write his own post about his passion – stay tuned!
  • I can go on with countless bullets, but going to end it with this last thought – why not build something together to share with friends, family and you?

Phew, that wasn’t so bad after all! To be honest, I never really enjoyed writing, although I’m looking forward to the next post. Time to get the creative juices flowing!

Please check in soon. Cheers!


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